Saturday, August 21, 2010

Buddha Mind Everywhere

It seems as though I find the Buddha everywhere I go. I'm always of two minds when I come across these emanations of the Dharma in public places. On the one hand they seem bereft. No one is leaving any offerings for them and they are exposed to all manner of degradation from bird poop to dog pee! But...on the other hand they offer up brief glimpses of peace and tranquil abiding. They stand in silent witness to every passing thing, taking it all in without question or comment. And, who knows maybe there will be one person who passes by in the midst of their busy lives looks at the face of one of these Buddhas and finds enlightenment. Stranger things have happened!

I love the decaying and crumbling patina. It's a Dharma lesson in and of itself.
The blue of this one really struck my eye.

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