Sunday, June 27, 2010

Secrets of The Pyramids REVEALED!

I always love looking at the titles of Occult or Esoteric books from the 30's-60's. The earlier books tend to have these very declamatory titles that promise direct knowledge of hidden mysteries. It's either that or they have inventive "Orientalist" names such as The Kybalion or The Book of Dzyan. The essence of so many of these books is that some little known but life-changing knowledge is about to come your way. I'd never presume to say that these were false promises. I'd like to think that waiting in some dusty bookstore or library there is a tome of soul-shaking wisdom to be discovered by each of us. The, for lack of a better phrase, sacred impulse seems to be hard-wired into humanity. We seek out experiences and engage in practices designed to both reveal and interact with forces larger than our lives. I'm all for this multiplicity of paths. I figure that as long as one isn't harming others and maintains their commitments in the more mundane world what's the harm? I'm deeply fascinated by the myriad spiritual paths people take. I also find that the artifacts (books, art, music,etc.) they leave on the path are vital expressions of the creative soul at work. While the true "secrets" of the pyramids might never be revealed, it's interesting to see people seeking them out.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Found Art: Miles on the street

I saw this on a powerbox down by the beach. Good taste in Graf!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Street Magic

Phone booth Magick.
Urban Polar bears.
Signs and Hieroglyphics etched into the cityscape.

Friday, June 18, 2010


These faces come to me again and again. They fall somewhere between african masks, androids and religious icons. I find them to be pleasantly asymmetrical and letting the color bleed over the line in big, blocky strokes is a fun way to work.
I have a couple of these long, rectangular sketchbooks and it's interesting to me how the shape and size seems to dictate the type of image that goes in them. I guess it's similar to what I've heard poets say about poetic forms, that there is some other discipline activated by working in a specific format. The rigor of the form forces you to realize your vision in a different way. I wish that in my case this tempering led to more dynamic works, but if nothing else they are always different than my usual and that keeps things interesting.
I guess what I am constantly working at in my drawings is somehow trying to convey the inner state as a symbolic outer form. I think of the pre-historic cave art found around the world (especially in France and Africa) where the elemental aspects of life are rendered in symbols. I lay no claims to that level of clarity and beauty, it's just my attempt to enter that slip-stream and partake of that energy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Expressions of joy, anger and longing

You are the crown of creation...A wonderful song by Jefferson Airplane and a magical thought. I think we've all either seen something or had experiences where the notion strikes us that a particular instant is a crowning moment. I can think of several; watching my girls being born, catching a wave, entering Yosemite Valley on a clear morning, deep in the heart of playing an amazing song with friends...
Hope and Fear and Anger and Joy and all of it in the fluttering wings of a bird in your chest.
"Angels in the architecture, spinning in infinity"
Breathe In, Breathe Out...Between those two poles is where everything is.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My picture on an album cover!

So, this is the new Maquiladora album and what is exciting (in addition to the wonderful, powerful and adventurous music) is that yours truly took the picture for the album cover! It's always been a secret (okay not so secret!) dream of mine to have my art/photos on album covers. This came true awhile back in my work with Eric Nielsen on our High Mountain Tempel project. We take a VERY hands-on approach to the imagery on our discs and as we share many of the same visual aesthetics this has made for another wonderful layer of our collaboration. Eric's other long-term band is Maquiladora. This creative entity has been on an intermittent hiatus, but like a jeweled moth emerging from its chrysalis, they have a few new releases and they are touring Japan this summer with Acid Mother's Temple! Simply put Eric and Bruce are the two most creative people I know. Having had the good fortune to make music and art with both of them has been a real peak experience for me. Outside of that they are also dear, dear people and I'm proud to call them friends. So, when Eric surprised me by using this photo I'd taken I felt both honored and blessed. The picture was taken in the fount of all visionary cities, San Francisco. It's an amazing thing to have such good brothers in my life. Having the additional element of partaking in creative projects together pushes things into the sacred.