Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dog Day Snapshots

I guess that I am just like Bruce Brown...always searching for an ENDLESS SUMMER...I'm whining here but I'm SERIOUSLY NOT looking forward to the start of this new school year. It's gotten so unpleasant at times I've been considering getting out of teaching and doing something else. This will be year 13 and the external (read district and parent) pressures just continue to mount and mount. On the one hand I'm expected to fit these lovely square pegs into round holes. I disagree with that notion. On the other I have stressed out adults demanding that I become a combination social worker, miracle worker, doctor, superhero, best friend AND teacher! I TRY to maximize my student's potential. I look at them as PEOPLE. It just frosts my heart when the two sides who should be my partners make things WORSE and WORSE and WORSE. The toll on me is one thing, the lack of utility for the students is another. I'm ranting here. I guess like a lot of folks it's sort of LOVE/HATE. So far today has been sort of a drag. It could be worse....I know that these are just the whiny blathers of a cranky old dude in the morning. On the plus side here are some sweet eyeball poppers that caught my third eye (camera lens) this week. 

A GREAT school! I hear that their MFA program is the BEST in the world!

The Smiths know the angst of a night out



I'm afraid to look up what this might mean

I'm Popeye the Freaky-Man!

Visual Artist Supply wall blaster!





He KNOWS things you don't

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ghost Light and Layers of Color

Ectoplasmic Field

Ghost Light Dancing The Floor

Sea Wood




Alien Calligraphy 1

Alien Calligraphy 2

Alien Calligraphy 3

Alien Calligraphy 4

Ancient Alien Calligraphy