Thursday, February 23, 2012

Plant Intelligence

Orange Sunshine

Delicate Power

Natural Fractal Greeting

Deep Inside Purple


People go on and on about human intelligence. It really is something. We can build nano-sized computer components, send people and probes in space, design and implant working artificial organs, write Pop song and paint masterpieces. However it's days like today with its' perfected, golden light that I can see clearly the mineral and plant intelligences surrounding us. They inform and enrich us with their colors and symmetries. I love to peer deep into the face of a flower and just look. In the repeated patterns I find mirrors to hold up to life. These reflections give me space and time and perspective. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mandala Studies II

Holy Eye


Tropes at symetry


Mandalas are everywhere. Nature forms them and we find ourselves within them. We make them. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. The vast omnipresent grid of Indra's web is made up of nodes of everything. Nothing exists but in relation to everything else.  All cultures make mandalas. Some are for praying, others are for reflection. I think their beauty comes from their resonance. We respond to them and recognize them as our natural home. By making a mandala or witnessing one we see our life and its' trajectory laid plain. The eternal returns. The expansion and contraction. The repeated patterns. The cycles of the interior and their reflections in the exterior.