Monday, July 26, 2010

Knit CRAZY!!

To start with this is a drawing of a chicken done by my daughter Mali. I love it! Both of my girls (Lily being the older sister) love to draw! I'm so happy that they are both taking to music and art.
So it's official; I've gone crazy for knitting! Sounds strange but I really dig it. Time floats by and you relax into this woven landscape of goodness. Here are two new hats. I am considering doing a little hat making business and calling it:
ACORN CAPS : handmade by a Tree-hugging dirt worshipper
I think I'll name each hat. The one above is called, "Hippie Berry"
I call this one "LIZARD THROAT BLUE". I'm envisioning a small hangtag made of recycled paper on a small piece of twine with a logo on it and on the inside the "name" of the hat. Knitting is really and truly a GREAT time. I'd highly recommend it!

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