Sunday, July 4, 2010

The All Seeing Eye

I tend to focus in on small details when I take pictures. Textures, shapes and colors tell these micro and non-specific stories about places. Whenever I show family and friends pictures from a trip they always wonder aloud where the snapshots are. Lamely, there usually aren't any. In a sense these are my version of that. These are the things that strike me about a place and catch my eye.

This is a wild one. I took it of Sharon Jones at her show at the Belly Up last week. The crazy thing was I didn't see this until I was taking a look at the shot on the computer. Sharon Jones was GREAT! Her energy was intense and full of life and fun so I guess it shouldn't surprise me too much to see this amazing African mask image emerge out of her! I think we all carry around the spiritual genetics of humanity in us. Photography is such a wonderful medium to work in. It can be as subjective and objective as the eye and hand behind the camera.

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