Thursday, July 22, 2010

Adventures in knitting

This is my second hat project. I'd like to keep making these and spread them around to any interested friends so let me know if you'd like one. It's an odd sort of painful joy to knit these! Time folds like a "spice melange" space travel vision and suddenly you have another inch of knotted yarn under your needles.
I love the colors and patterns that emerge as the knitting progresses. I'd call this one "Fall Berry". I'm always drawn to earthy yet vibrant colors. I guess it's just another aspect of what I'd call my "Flamboyant-Hippie" aesthetic...maybe.
This beautiful duo was just acquired in Laguna Beach the other day. They come from this incredible Japanese yarn company called Noro. I've found that they and another company called Lion tend to always be my favorites as I paw through a wall of different skeins. See that, "skeins"...That's knitter-speak for a yarn ball. You can see how deep this is infecting my brain!

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