Friday, June 18, 2010


These faces come to me again and again. They fall somewhere between african masks, androids and religious icons. I find them to be pleasantly asymmetrical and letting the color bleed over the line in big, blocky strokes is a fun way to work.
I have a couple of these long, rectangular sketchbooks and it's interesting to me how the shape and size seems to dictate the type of image that goes in them. I guess it's similar to what I've heard poets say about poetic forms, that there is some other discipline activated by working in a specific format. The rigor of the form forces you to realize your vision in a different way. I wish that in my case this tempering led to more dynamic works, but if nothing else they are always different than my usual and that keeps things interesting.
I guess what I am constantly working at in my drawings is somehow trying to convey the inner state as a symbolic outer form. I think of the pre-historic cave art found around the world (especially in France and Africa) where the elemental aspects of life are rendered in symbols. I lay no claims to that level of clarity and beauty, it's just my attempt to enter that slip-stream and partake of that energy.

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