Saturday, May 1, 2010

More bodies than faces in this batch! The top however is my attempt at a portrait of Robert Johnson. I first became aware of his music in the early 80's via The Rolling Stones. At first it was hard for me to really "hear" his music. It sounded so skeletal and muddy. His odd, nasally voice would grumble and then slip into falsetto in ways that my ears just weren't accustomed to. A few listens in however and I started to get it. The haunting and lonely lyrics. The skittering runs up and down the guitar neck. The hissing sound of the record actually being recorded...It all added up to a mysterious and haunting beauty. From opaque and impenetrable towards something more akin to a ghost reaching out of the past I was finally getting a glimpse of the power of Robert Johnson. The bottom drawing is my interpretation of Pere Ubu from the play UBU ROI. Along with "Waiting For Godot", "Ubu" is one of my favorites. In this age where celebrities and politicians become instant Kings and Queens of the media, Alfred Jarry's play makes more and more sense!

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