Saturday, May 1, 2010

The image on the bottom is one that comes up in my drawings frequently. When I was in college I used to wander the stacks of the library with my trusty Walkman on blasting everything from Screaming Jay Hawkins to John Coltrane to Bauhaus. I'd usually end up in the art section and spend hours peeking through books. Inevitably I'd settle down with either an African or Native American (in particular the North and South West tribes) art book and get thoroughly engrossed. One similarity I noticed between these two VERY different groups of people were these masks that had as a top piece an enormously long antennae-like piece. In the Hopi piece the ends were assembled in wild zig-zags and cross shapes. In the African masks the effect was that of a body reaching into the sky. Both were powerful images. They seemed to my eye to be methods of attuning or dialing in to the sky. They projected outwardly that universal desire of our Earth-bound humanity to lift off skyward. Whatever the true meaning of these pieces are didn't really matter to me. They held an internal dream-logic that has filtered down to being a reoccurring totem in my drawings.

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