Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Long Book

I've been reading about insects lately. I know a lot of people have a bad reaction when they see any type of bug but me personally, I love them! They are EVERYWHERE! They are our constant companions. In good times we can celebrate their beauty. We can wonder at their profound ability to survive and thrive. In bad times we can eat them.
This is specifically an image of The Buddha and the reaction of his aesthetic companions when he had forsaken their ways. That being said it could be the image of anyone when they discover new and difficult truths. They are viewed with suspicion and fear. However if the vision is true and remains eventually the scoffers and nea-sayers come to understand.
This has been an overriding feeling lately...I listen to the NPR news on the way to work in the mornings and while maybe I shouldn't I like to know a touch of what is blowing in the wind. For the past several years it seems we've been in a steady slide towards a zero-sum, endgame situation of intractable opposites. There are mounting pressures from all sides; economic, racial, environmental, you name it...It feels oppressive at times. This is a drawing off my mind trying to push out a little space amongst this soul-crush and breathe...maybe even think. I never used to think that was too much to ask but these days it's almost expecting a miracle. Hopefully something will give and people can find a touch of common ground but I'm not holding my breath mind you!

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  1. Insects rock! I made some lego insects at Build and Test yesterday. More insects Keef!