Saturday, April 13, 2013

Faces of The Divine and Otherwise

I'm attracted to faces. I love the planes, lines and geometry in motion of a face. I love masks. Masks can hide but they can also reveal. They live and breathe while seeming to remain static. If the "eyes are the window of the soul" then the face is the mirror of the universe. I want to thank the artists who created these faces. I have no idea who they might be, where they might have lived or died but they have left behind these Sentinels of The Multiverse. These Sacred Mirrors. What we see in them is what we bring to them. Their truths are only heard with our eyes and hearts. 

Compassionate Tears

Remover of Obstacles

Sacred Feminine Energy


Golden Gaze


THIS is Buddha's Ear

THIS is Buddha's Hair

Pan Piping 





Secret Smile

Golden Again


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