Saturday, March 23, 2013

Calligraphy of The Imagination

My feeling is that there is a built-in PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE inside all of us. We vent off the poisonous gases trapped there by the world we are creating and the grasping of our hearts/souls/brains. If you think about it, work at it and are lucky you'll discover the method to pry open this valve. It will close again but that's okay. Things do that. They open/close, come/go, bloom/decay. It's just that now when you feel that gas building up to TOXIC AIRBORNE EVENT'll have a lever to open the valve and release it. Who know? Whatever you make from that experience just MIGHT be seen by a fellow human being and you'll have the blessing of having offered someone a way in or out. 

Calligraphy of The Realm

Eternal Quest

Ghost Dance

Being from the Desert of the Real

The Bird Inside My Head is Mighty 

Rising Up-Up Rising

Ancient God of Geometry

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