Friday, December 28, 2012

Holy Rust, Holy Rot, Holy Decay

Everything changes. It's so obvious really but it can be easy to forget. Learning to accept this fundamental Law of life is never easy. We lose things. Things break. They rust and wither away. But, the underlying "Holy" aspect of this is that everything is always in a state of becoming something else. This is our Divine connection to everything. The minerals and molecules of you, me and everyone were once something else. They gather, establish form and then begin diffusing into constituent parts to become other things. Other people. It can be such a slow process that our awareness of it is only the immediacy of our grief. The anger of our loss. I've found that I enjoy looking and photographing broken, rusted things. It's a way of coming back to an acceptance of life and life's processes. I don't mean to say we simply accept everything and move on as though the ending of things and people is meaningless. In fact the very finite nature of everything somehow adds to their preciousness. Or...maybe I just like the textures and colors.

Arcs and Blooms

Rods and Rust

Crackle and Flake


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  1. alchemy of me becoming you and you becoming me
    just by breathing in the same room