Friday, November 23, 2012

More Fallout from the Fall Art Frenzy!

Sometimes the MUSE comes at by surprise. She slips in your ear and start to whisper...then SCREAM....If you follow her directions you could end up in some cool places. If not I believe you do so at your own peril. Art's a slippery thing. It's available to all but you've got to meet it AT LEAST 1/2 way. Find some way to express yourself! It REALLY doesn't matter what it is. Knit, Bake, Fish, Paint, Write, Draw, Blog, Photo, Act, Sing, Play....WHATEVER!!!! JUST DO IT! GO FOR IT!!! THE WORLD WILL BE BLESSED BY YOUR EFFORTS AND SO WILL YOU!!! AMEN!! NAMASTE!!!!

"Kachina Doll for Mitt Romney"

"Moments of Unbalance and Lack of Grace"

"Reflection on passing anger and Smallness of Spirit"

"Saint Moxie"

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